Artist Statement

My fascination with minimalism art began when I first encountered Donald Judd's work at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This experience not only influenced my artistic endeavors but also left a long-standing impression on various aspects of my life. While minimalist art emphasizes the physical object devoid of self-expression, I find myself driven to infuse it with deep, intricate stories extracted from my life experiences—a hidden connection I like to refer to as "internal chaos, external order." I believe in the power of context, seeing that it can imbue an artwork with layers of meaning. This belief guides my focus toward site-specific installations, where the environment and the artwork engage in a dialogue, each one informing and shaping the other. This symbiotic relationship between the artwork and its location is what I find most fulfilling in my creative journey.

Artist Bio

“Lisa Li is a Filipino-American artist and designer known for her world-building capabilities. She holds a degree from O'More College of Architecture and Design at Belmont University, specializing in creating user-centric spaces and meditative artistic focal points. With a profound understanding of installation art and the museum experience, Lisa completed her internships with the Frist Art Museum and the internationally acclaimed Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. Her journey also led her to venture into production and set design through valuable experiences with Netflix. Lisa's recent achievement of winning the Metropolis Magazine's Future100 2023 award, a prestigious recognition among top interior design and architecture students in the U.S. and Canada, showcases her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft. With acquired knowledge and commitment, she aims to bring the world of art and design even closer, creating meaningful three-dimensional structures for viewers to access and experience, whether it is the physical exhibition space or the pieces that inhabit it.”