Light Sculpture

Wood, Resin, Toxic-Free Sand, LED
25cm x 17cm x 10cm
Location: Spain

The theme of this series was inspired by a story from my childhood where nature played a pivotal role. During my formative years in the Philippines, life was interrupted in great form by the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. With little warning, there was a mass evacuation of my home, and the events that followed shaped my views on the various cycles of life. One particular memory includes eating lunch at the dining table in darkness. The ash-filled sky resembled a midnight with no moon, disrupting all circadian rhythm seemingly empathizing with the volcano itself. As one of the most powerful eruptions of the 20th century, Mt. Pinatubo's impact extended beyond the local environment, influencing the entire planet and cooling the Earth's temperature for the subsequent two years. In the aftermath of the destruction, many opportunities for growth and creation emerged from the chaos. The once dormant landscape transformed into the most fertile soil, revealing precious minerals and gems—undeniable beauty amidst devastation. It is my hope that this story of transformation inspires each viewer to become the author of their own narrative while interacting with the sculptures. Each sculptural piece (sequentially titled "Form") is an invitation to explore destruction and creation. By interacting with resin blocks placed in sand, each shift reveals light from below, symbolizing the transition of light during the eruption, while also creating a metaphor for the beauty within the shadows of hardship. 


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