role: interior design consultant

type: retail design

scope of work: space planning,
design concept, 3D visualizations
team: Educated Guess, Justin
McElderry, Lisa Li
location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Working with Educated Guess for the branding and interior concept phase, this space was created with community in mind. As a retail store supplying sportswear, the client wanted to find a way to effectively utilize their flagship store for more than just a shopping experience.

The idea for the conversation pit developed when we thought of ways to invite customers and friends in for educational purposes. Providing opportunities for kids to join in on workshops and panel discussions.


The Public Service design concept was created to serve its visitors by providing the newest high-end footwear and apparel and by extending an invitation to utilize our in-house resources. The boutique presents an opportunity for individuals to learn more about how things work around them, whether the industry or breaking down current events. Upon entry, guests are immediately tapped into the vibrant world of lush greenery, space for interchangeable artwork, and colors that have been thoughtfully arranged to enhance a pleasant experience.

Public Service is not meant to be a transactional experience but instead an exchange of positive interactions. With this in mind, a conversation pit is implemented centrally for everyday use, whether hosting guest speakers, live broadcasted podcasts, employee meetings, workshops, and other themed events. The space around the conversation pit can easily be aligned with chairs and desks for educational purposes and panel discussions. Inside the pit, a coffee station and multiple outlets for digital information sharing and working are available. Opting for the word “guests” or “visitors” as opposed to “customers” ties in with how we will run the ship for the public.


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